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How to Connect to a MySQL Database using Pandas

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Project Overview

Here’s a simple example of how to connect to a MySQL database using JetML. We’ll be using Pandas and PyMySQL.

Getting Started

Make sure you’ve signed up for a JetML account and that you have enough credits to run the project, then click the “Launch on JetML” button below.

Make sure you keep the project in Python 3.

Connecting to the Database

Once your server is ready, open the “Connecting to a MySQL Server.ipynb” file. You can follow the steps outlined in the Jupyter notebook.

How to Adapt This Project

Wanting to connect to your own MySQL database? Easy, just change the credentials and table names to match your hosted database. Make sure your database allows connections from our servers (contact us for help)

Software Used

Jupyter Notebook, Python 3, Pandas, PyMySQL, MySQL

Recommended Servers

Small CPU

Github Source

Source Author

Nick Mote

JetML was founded in 2018 by Nicholas Mote, a tech leader and machine learning evangelist based in Portland, Oregon. Nick came to machine learning while solving complex pricing and operations problems for vacation rental management firm Vacasa.