Machine learning in minutes

JetML empowers teams to build and test machine learning models in production-ready environments—pre-installed and pre-configured with all the Python-based tools, storage, and compute your data project needs.

Why JetML?

Launch ML environments

Build and test models in moments—no engineering resources required.

Collaborate seamlessly

Share projects and notebooks with one click.

Deliver faster

Get your models off your laptop and into the cloud.

Create the perfect ML environment for every project.

Choose your compute power

From simple CPUs to powerful GPUs that scale - Only pay for what you need, when you use it.

Built for teams

Share notebooks, data, and payment methods between team members.

Essential toolkits preloaded

Every project includes easy templates, open-source ML libraries, Jupyter notebooks, TensorFlow, sci-kit learn, Pandas, and Numpy.

What our users are saying

“I had the opportunity to use JetML for a recent project. I was able to train a neural net using one of the GPU instances on JetML. Not only was it easy to set up, I was able to scale the number of GPUs to handle the project load. JetML offers a lot of flexibility to the data scientist's workflow and is the easiest way to get started with GPU-based machine learning.”

Brian K.Software engineer

“JetML let me quickly train my model and begin predicting Trimet bus times in minutes. JetML provides all the power of cloud compute without the fuss. As a new data scientist, I can focus on improving my models to address business needs.”

Ian H.Data scientist

Example projects

Convolutional Neural Networks

Neural Style Transfer with TensorFlow CNN

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Demo Projects

How to Connect to a MySQL Database using Pandas

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